Who are we?

Manifester’s 3D Printing and Design Workshop provides everything you need to turn your ideas into physical objects.

3D Printing is an amazing technology. However, currently only the few with 3D CAD experience have access to its possibilities. Manifester’s 3D Printing and Design Workshop specialises in translating any concept into clean digital models, ready to be 3d printed. Through our talented designers everyone can utilise the benefits of 3D printing.

Click here to see a portfolio of our recent 3D Printing work.

For those unfamiliar with 3D Printing, we use our expertise to guide you towards the right service for you.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to accurately predict the time frame, cost and end result of any singular project. Click here for a complete list of services and pricing estimates.

Our designers are also prepared to offer their advise over a design. We can become involved at any stage of your process.

Manifester: 3D Printing, Sydney.

Whether you’re an architect with ready-made digital models, or a designer with just a clear concept, Manifester can push your design to digital completion. Once files are ready and confirmed, we then proceed with the 3D printing itself. We have a rapid and affordable FDM printing service in house. Through a range of partners, we also have access to specialist 3d printers. Our designers have experience working with a variety of materials. This allows us to design and produce anything from customised jewelry to colour figurines.

We encourage a growing field of designers and creators. Our in house 3d printing is some of the most affordable in Sydney. We offer discounts to students. Based in Chippendale (near Central) we can conveniently arrange meetings or presentations. In these demonstrations show how rapid prototyping can help your business or personal pursuits.

3D Printing pushes the possibilities to the limits of imagination. Through Manifester, the object translates from your mind into your hand. Make it real.


Manifester: 3D Printing, Sydney.